Flavia® Creation 600 Brewer

From operation to maintenance, you’ll find the FLAVIA® Creation 600 coffee machine a breeze

A great choice of hot drinks using Freshpack™ pouches for black coffees, milky speciality coffees (pre-prepared or using fresh milk!), teas and hot chocolate. Easy to use, fast and reliable. An all-in-one hot drinks solution suitable for small and large workplaces.

Product features

  • Quick and easy to clean and maintain
  • Can also be used with any fresh milk to make frothy coffees
  • Low contact brewing drinks are ready in just a few taps
  • Avoid break room backups with brew times in under a minute
  • Great drinks choice using Freshpack ™ pouches
  • Fast brewing – under a minute
  • Low noise technology minimises distraction in the workplace
  • Protected ingredients in sealed Freshpack™
  • Plumbed-in (manual fill water tank optional extra)

Best for up to 50 cups per day.

The Flavia Creation 600 offers a complete menu of freshly prepared drinks

A re-imagined menu brings coffee shop quality to your workplace with an even greater choice of freshly brewed Lavazza coffees, real leaf teas, hot chocolate and more all ready to brew in your Flavia Creation 600 coffee machine.

The Flavia Creation 600 brings you coffee shop quality in the workplace

The all new FLAVIA Creation 600 brings a delicious menu of high-quality, freshly prepared drinks all served from a single compact brewer, fresh from Bean to Pack to Cup. Each full of authentic flavour every time, all the time.

The perfect choice for your workplace


Hassle-free dynamic brew cycles from our latest Freshpack™ recognition system make perfecting your favourite drink easier than ever.


Cutting edge technology, built with intuitive touchscreen interface, automatic cup stand and milk frothing technology for total customisation.


Choose from over 15 coffee shop quality drinks, each with custom size options and a complete menu of freshly prepared Lavazza coffees.


Hassle-free management and maintenance with industry leading 99% up time reliability you can depend on, plus real-time diagnostics, to avoid unwanted down time.


Helping you achieve your sustainability goals, with A+ energy rating for efficiency and zero waste to landfill in production.

Sealing in the freshness with the Flavia Creation 600

Enjoy each delicious drink fresh from Bean to Pack to Cup, brewing directly in your cup with no cross-over of taste or allergens between drinks.

Only fresh hot water makes contact with ingredients in a Freshpack™ avoiding ingredient and allergen cross-over.

Ingredients are protected from exposure to oxygen, moisture and the open air keeping your drink as fresh as possible.

Just the right volume of water, at the perfect temperature ensuring maximum flavour and reduces energy waste.

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