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How our pricing works

How our pricing works

Choose whether to rent or buy

Many customers choose to rent rather than buy all but the cheapest machines from us, because rental includes all maintenance and support in the occasional event things go wrong.

Even if you do buy, you'll have the standard manufacturers' guarantee, and can still call us out for maintenance or support, pre-agreed as required.

Honest pricing and fair contracts

We pride ourselves on pricing honestly, with no strings attached, and only us (no finance companies!) to deal with.

Our contracts are fair and transparent, running for fixed periods, maintenance and support that covers everything to avoid nasty surprises, and with easy ways to opt out should you choose not to renew.

Crucially, the price we quote is the price you pay. We work closely with you to get the right machine and drinks combination for your team, as the costs below illustrate.

Bringing the cost of a cup down

Low end machines are really only suitable for small offices, with low drinks volumes. Mid level machines provide cost-effective solutions are reasonably low drinks volumes. But even the higher end machines come into their own when medium to high drinks volumes can be achieved.

We help identify the best machine and drinks combination to get you a quality coffee at a 'cost-per-cup' at a fraction of coffee shop prices.

Costs include machine, delivery, installation, servicing, warranty parts & labour, drinks:

Dualit Cafe Plus Keurig K150 Mars Flavia Creation 500 Vitale S Espresso Jura JX8
10 cups per day /
50 cups per week
28p 50p 48p 54p -
25 cups per day /
125 cups per week
26p 44p 32p 29p 46p
50 cups per day /
250 cups per week
- 42p 28p 21p 27p
75 cups per day /
375 cups per week
- 41p - - 20p
100 cups per day /
500 cups per week
- 40p - - 17p

Helping you choose

Take a look at our easy-to-follow guides on making sense of hot drinks and helping you choose the right machine .