UK Coffee Pod and Bean-to-cup machine suppliers

Helping you choose

Helping you choose

Coffee Sense has scoured the market to find the best combinations of machines and drinks, for the smallest home office to busiest workplace.

We'll work with you to find the best solution for you - honestly priced, no strings attached, and only us (no finance companies!) to deal with.

Here's a brief introduction of how we help you decide:

1. Which drinks are most important to you?

We're passionate about coffee (and hot drinks generally), so always start by understanding which drinks are most important to you:

The most basic machines are basically espresso makers: quality coffee, but meaning you'll have to use a separate frother to make up milky coffees like lattes and mochas (read our drinks guide to learn more).

Mid-range machines use capsules, pods or pouches to make drinks, and make milky coffees too, using real milk that's been granulated or preserved.

Only the top-of-the-range machines grind real coffee beans and store real, fresh milk in built-in refrigerators, for true, barista-quality milk coffees.

Almost all machines dispense hot water but only higher range machines dispense hot milk separately.

Dualit Cafe Plus Keurig k150 Mars Flavia Creation 500 Vitale S Espresso Jura JX8
Milky coffees
(Cappucino, Latte, Mocha)
Flat White
Hot chocolate
Hot water
Milk frothers can also be sold separately

2. How many hot drinkers are in your team?

Machines also vary in their drinks-handling volumes over time, so it's worth estimating what your team will require.

On average, we recommend 1.5 cups per person in your team, remembering not everyone consumes hot drinks, so every 10 in your team would consume up to 15 cups per day. (This is only a guide, so adjust accordingly if you know of heavy or light consumers among your team.)

Lower end machines are really only suited to very small teams, both in terms of their daily operation (tank capacity, for example) and design.

Higher level machines are capable of handling higher volumes, and the top end 'bean to cup' machines rely on decent volumes to use beans while they're still fresh.
Dualit Cafe Plus Keurig k150 Mars Flavia Creation 500 Vitale S Espresso Jura JX8
Best suited for 5 - 10 cups per day Up to 50 cups per day Up to 50 cups per day 10 - 50 cups per day 10 - 100 cups per day

3. What quality are you happy with?

All our machines provide good quality coffee, but the relative merits depend again on which drinks are most important to you, again particularly for milky coffees.

Low end machines are great espresso makers, the base of all good coffee drinks. But you'll need a separate frother to make up milky drinks; which won't be quite as convenient as the higher end machines which froth milk.

Mid level machines preserve coffee taste in capsules, pods or pouches in perfect condition until the moment they're used. They're essentially heating machines, easy to use and maintain, which provide cost-effective solutions at low drinks volumes and a greater variety of roasts.

Only the top-end 'bean to cup' machines grind coffee from the bean, for every drink, and mix fresh milk for absolute barista-quality coffee. Quality 'bean to cup' machines are relatively expensive, but are designed to provide the best coffee, easy to use and with automated maintenance features, and even top-end machines become cost effective with medium to high drinks volumes.

Dualit Cafe Plus Keurig k150 Mars Flavia Creation 500 Vitale S Espresso Jura JX8
Drinks Capsules Pods Freshpack pouches Fresh beans Fresh beans
Milk No No Yes Yes Yes

How our pricing works

Through our honest pricing, the cost-per-cup reduces to a fraction of coffee shop prices for even the top end machines. Read how our pricing works next, or let us help you make sense of hot drinks.