Jura JX8 Bean-to-cup

The ultimate workplace hot drinks machine

Barista-quality coffee, grinding fresh beans with fresh milk and milk foam from its own refrigerator, plus a wide range of other hot drinks. Jaw-dropping looks, quality, technology, and almost entirely automated maintenance. Stunning!

Product features

  • Stylish, robust, platinum-finished
  • Widest drinks choice
  • Barista quality taste
  • Fresh milk
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Dual spout brews pots or two cups simultaneously
  • Fast brewing times – from 33 seconds for 2 ristrettos to around 90 seconds for 2 latte macchiatos
  • Optional validator accessory enables vending for payment
  • Self cleans, very low maintenance

Best for up to 10 – 100 cups per day.

The JX8 Bean-To-Cup Is compatible with our range of fresh coffee beans

Full range of coffees including specialities (up to 21 in total), using any fresh coffee beans, with milky coffees like Cappuccino and Latte using fresh milk and milk foam in built-in refrigerator; and hot water and milk.

Recommend Melitta or Lavazza beans, currently 3 varieties of each; 2 Hot Chocolates (Vending/Kenco).

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