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Triple Wall Ripple Cups 12oz (Regular) (box 500)

Triple Wall Ripple Cups 12oz (Regular) (box 500)

Triple wall means no separate cup holder required.

To be used in any office, warehouse, canteen or office kitchen environment. Especially where health & safety is an issue in carrying hot drinks back to your desk. This cup means that your drink is not too hot to handle!

Produced to the highest food specification.

Bio-Degradable Coffee Cups
(Box 500)
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Buy these 12oz Triple Wall Ripple paper cups. Perfect for use with the Keurig K150P coffee brewing machine all other office coffee machines and hot drink dispensers. Each box contains 1000 paper cups. Ideal for Keurig K-Cup coffee pods, simply grab a new clean cup from you cup dispenser and brew yourself the perfect cup of hot coffee. These paper coffee cups are made of recyclable material.